Waiver of Release

Toth Ministries Release, Waiver and Assumption of Risk Form

This is a legally binding release, waiver, and assumption of risk made by me to TOTH MINISTRIES / REVEL.  I wish for myself to be able to utilize the facilities located at TOTH RANCH, as well as any off-site facilities where a particular activity is conducted during the retreat sponsored by TOTH MINISTRIES.  For any retreat I attend, as well as to participate in any activities sponsored, organized or recommended by TOTH MINISTRIES / REVEL, and I hereby agree as follows:

I acknowledge and understand that there are certain dangers and risks to which I may be exposed by utilizing TOTH RANCH or participating in the activities, including the risk of serious physical injury, temporary or permanent disability, and death, as well as severe social and economical loss.  The risks may arise not only from my own actions, inactions, or negligence, but also from the actions, inactions, or negligence of others, or the conditions of TOTH RANCH or of any equipment used.  I also acknowledge and understand that there may be other risks not presently known or reasonably foreseeable.  

I understand that I am not required to participate in any activities or to utilize TOTH RANCH, but that I freely choose to do so, despite the possible dangers and risks and participation in the activities and utilization of TOTH RANCH.