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Establishing the ranch to embody what He is forging in us as a people.
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Establishing Home & Embodying Hope

It is time to establish the Ranch as an embodiment of what He has forged in us as a people the past 12 years. We are thrilled to develop the ranch into a wildly creative, intimate, stunning, deeply hopeful, and set apart space that fully embodies the Father's invitation home. 


Stage .01 | Ranch Entrance

Stage .02 | Lower House Remodel

Stage .03 | Tree house

Stage .04 | Revel Inn



Stage .01

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Ranch Entrance

Stage #1 - Completed Summer 2018

As people come through the new threshold of Toth Ranch, the massive stature of the majestic redwoods and strength of the sturdy steel beckon us into a bigger story. The threshold acts as a physical declaration—reminding us that this is not business as usual. As a set apart place and a place where the air between Heaven and Earth is thin, it's as if the Ranch itself is beckoning us into more and reminding us that the invitation before us is always to 'come home!'



Stage .02


Lower House Renovation

Design: complete | Construction: begins September 2018
estimated Budget: $150,000

The thoughtful redesign of this space will take not only the functional needs of REVEL retreats, but the need for compelling and warm gathering spaces as well. The 'Lower House' is the only original structure on Toth Ranch and it's renovation into a mountain home with a modern edge is long overdue. With close attention to detail and an emphasis on gathering spaces, the upcoming renovations will create the warmth of home for a group of up to 30 people. The transformation of the Lower House will be complete in May of 2019.

Interior look & feel of renovation


The Tree House

Stage .03


The Tree house

Design: complete | Projected start of construction May 2019
estimated Budget: $250,000

The epic Tree House will be a one-of-a-kind statement of wonder, adventure and mystery. Specifically designed to evoke awe, foster intimacy, and connect people with childlike playfulness and creativity, the Tree House is a tangible representation of the unshakable love and whimsy of the Trinity. With a likeness of Home and an emphasis on Family, we envision the space to be used for hosting rites of passage campouts for young teenagers and their parents, offering a captivating meeting space for corporate off-site gatherings, and providing a breathtaking space for smaller retreat-sized groups.



stage .04

IMG_9842 (1).PNG


2 of 3 design phases complete | Projected start time of construction is May 2020
estimated Budget: $4.5 Million

The epicenter and heartbeat of Toth Ranch will be the first class REVEL Inn. Designed with intention and creativity, the Inn will be home to REVEL retreats, Corporate retreats, partner retreats, and both large and small team retreats. With innovative and full technology solutions, large and spacious gathering areas, and a first-rate commercial kitchen, the REVEL Inn will be able to serve and sleep up to 70 people.

The Elite Gym is connected to The REVEL Inn. It is designed for professional athletes, Olympians, and teams of any size. With a one-of-a-kind customized atmosphere, this state-of-the-art facility at 8,100 feet is perfect for high-altitude training.





You are an integral piece of what makes REVEL come alive year in and year out. We couldn’t be more thrilled for the future of the Ranch and for the incredible ways God is coming for our future guests. In order for us to move forward, it’s imperative that we up our communication with you, our REVEL family.

three ways you can Help

1. We have $65,000 of the $150,000 raised for the Lower House remodel. We are needing to raise the remaining $85,000 in the the next 60 days! 

2. If you are on the Board of—or know of—any foundations or companies that have an interest in giving towards “Discipleship, Furthering the Kingdom, and/or Spiritual Growth,” please let Matt ( know as soon as possible. *(All contributions are tax-deductible)

3. As you know, experiencing a REVEL retreat is the best way to understand and value who we are and the uniqueness of what we do. We need you to be strategic in inviting people to the Ranch for a retreat experience in the next year. Inviting people with resources is a great opportunity for them to not only be seen, loved by Jesus, and encountered by Spirit, but it also gives them the opportunity to financially partner in a highly effective and unique way that leverages their finances to release hope and create Kingdom change in people and communities.


Over the course of the following year, you can expect in-depth communication from REVEL about the ongoing Ranch development. We thank you ahead of time for your enthusiasm and partnership! And of course, we fully anticipate that you will have questions, so please feel free to write Matt anytime ( with comments, questions, or concerns.

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