REVEL means, “to take great delight in, to engage in merrymaking and boisterous festivities.” That one word is as close to the core of who we are as a family as maybe any one word could be. Sure, that doesn’t encompass all of who we are, but it just might be the most important part of who we are. It is what sets us apart as a family of friends, and it is a big part of the particular banner that we’ve been given to wave in the kingdom. REVEL is a verb. There is action involved. It’s dynamic. And it highlights the relentless, even obnoxious celebration of the goodness of God that we are meant to carry and offer to the world. We are simply, REVEL, not revel “ministries,” because for us, “ministry” has never been the point. It’s simply always been about discovering all that He’s given us access to in welcoming us home.

Why the rooster?

What image better displays the heart of relentless, even obnoxious celebration than a wildly crowing rooster?! That rooster is focused, relentless, loud, and won’t be quieted – that’s how we want to celebrate all that we’ve found in Him! Also, the rooster has thick significance in the life and history of the Church. After the Reformation – an epic time when the reality of “grace alone” emerged out of works and religious systems – it was as common to see roosters on top of Lutheran churches as it was to see a cross. Why? It’s the symbol of “the dawning of a new day!” We live, move, grieve, and celebrate in that reality of the new day and the dominance of His grace!



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