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Without a doubt, our greatest asset is our people.

There’s no way REVEL can do what it does without the support of friends and family like you. This truly is a case of the whole being far greater than the sum of the parts. The dynamic potency of REVEL is most effectively expressed in the form of family. The body being the body, the church being the church. Each of us playing the part that only we can play. Thank you for playing your part in the story He is writing in REVEL. Thank you for being with and alongside us in 2017, it was a stellar year.

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Thanks to you, here’s what the last year looked like:

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Number of volunteers served at retreats. That means the total hours volunteered to make 2017 retreats happen was  16,334 hours (travel not included).

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Over 4,950 plates washed in the sink during retreats

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147 households partnered with REVEL financially in 2017

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More than 90 family meals served around Tom’s kitchen table

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More than 2,700 cups of coffee brewed (thank you, Tom!)

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2 weddings hosted at the Ranch in 2017. Countless friends and family converged on the Ranch to celebrate 2 very special weddings this past summer.

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Party Deck

Cindy’s Party deck opened Summer 2017

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Number of retreats Between our Women’s, Men’s, Coed and ATO retreats we had more than 320 friends experience REVEL’s 3 night intensive retreats.

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Zero net garbage produced at retreats (again, THANK YOU, TOM!)

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Hosted 3 non-REVEL retreats   REVEL broke new ground in hosting outside groups at the Ranch in 2017. This is part of the long term strategy to diversify REVEL’s revenue stream and we’re excited about the financial shot in the arm this brings.

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a snapshot of just some of the freedom, healing, & identity that was received at the Ranch in 2017

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Remembering, celebrating, believing and dreaming

All of this is pitted against a rising tide of fatherlessness, self hatred, division, despair, boredom chronic medication and numbness in the world in which we live. REVEL continues to occupy the front line of the fight for people’s hearts. We will continue to offer friends and family the chance to retreat from the front lines of their lives. We will continue to craft physical spaces and atmospheres that beckon us to be truly present, to be honest with our hurt, disappointment, and shame, and to feel the relief of being accepted and belonging just as we are. We’ve never been more excited to be all that He has called us to be. Together we are:

  • World-class Celebrators

  • Tender, honest holders of pain and story

  • Ferocious discarders of anything that mutes, muddles, or distracts from His goodness

  • Humble Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and friends – to the tired, the hurting and the lonely 

Thank you for the role you play in this family. We are bolstered in our belief and resolve by your faithful partnership in this adventure. Looking back on 2017 we see His faithfulness and goodness displayed on every page, and we look forward to 2018 knowing that we can trust Him to be faithful once again.

Remembering, celebrating, believing and dreaming,

REVEL Staff (Adam, Daysha and Matt)

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